10 Key Factors When Interviewing & Hiring - Please Print This Page

Profile's Quantitative Interviewing®

The following ten factors are scored on a potential maximum of 100 points. Each factor is assessed on a maximum of 10 points. Profile's Quantitative Interviewing® can assist recruiters' objectivity as they should be able to validate scores with information gained through the interview process. It is also helpful in streamlining the interview process so that company recruiters, interviewing the same candidate, should arrive at a similar score when comparing notes.

1. Resume

Is the resume clear, concise, easy to read, error-free and well laid out? Is it accurate with full names of companies and dates? (no gaps) Is there a signed introductory letter specifically relating to the position? Do they have a relevant background?
A well-presented resume reflects a conscientious person.

Score  ____ /10

2. Telephone Manner

How does the candidate handle telephone calls? If using voice mail, is the message businesslike yet friendly? Can they communicate clearly and effectively? If setting up an interview by telephone, do they take down information quickly and accurately? 
Many clients/customers will never meet your employees personally. Phone manner is very important.

Score  ____ /10

3. Business Dress & Grooming

Is the candidate dressed appropriately for the interview and for the position? They should be well-groomed, with a businesslike appearance. Dress and colours should be coordinated. They should “Dress for Success” and for your business. Did they bring extra resumes, references and necessary items to the interview?
Will clients, visitors and colleagues be impressed by them?

Score  ____ /10

4. Attitude & Interpersonal Skills

Does the applicant appear positive, friendly, enthusiastic and open? Good employees should have drive, commitment and ambition, yet be able to function within your team. Does the candidate listen and communicate well? Are they well-mannered? Are they sensitive to your questions and concerns?
Be wary of applicants who ramble.

Score  ____ /10

5. Experience, Skills & Salary

Does the applicant have the necessary experience and skills for the position? Do they have a stable track record? Why are they leaving present situation? Ask them to describe their ideal position. What is their salary range? Do they show enthusiasm and passion for your company and the position?
Do their objectives match the position and salary?

Score  ____ /10

6. Quality & Quantity of Work

Can the applicant produce high quality, error-free work within a specified time frame? Can they work in a fast-paced environment? Do they have the necessary skills to do the job? Ask for examples of how they have resolved difficulties with people, priorities & stress in the past. Ask about areas of improvement. 
People will behave in the future the way they have behaved in the past.

Score  ____ /10

7. Organizational Ability

Can the applicant set and meet goals and objectives, short-term and long-term? Are they thorough with research, information gathering and documentation? Do they like their workspace to be neat? Do they maintain a reliable filing system? Can they analyze and process information quickly? Can they communicate their thoughts clearly when writing correspondence and reports? Do they respond to phone calls and requests for information promptly?
Is their handwriting consistent?

Score  ____ /10

8. Education

Did they research your company and industry before the interview? Do they have the necessary educational background for the position? Do they keep up-to-date with their career through courses, seminars and reading? Have they got the necessary computer skills? Are they working towards a degree, diploma or designation?
Education should be on an ongoing pursuit.

Score  ____ /10

9. Personal Life

Can the applicant balance work and home? Do they participate in outside interests and activities? If the position required a security or credit check, would they be agreeable i.e. are they bondable? Do they appear fit, healthy and energetic?
Do they have a sense of humour? Well-rounded people make the best employees.

Score  ____ /10

10. References

Does reference information substantiate the candidate's resume regarding job responsibilities and reason for leaving? Is the applicant punctual and reliable? What is their attendance like? Are they rehireable? Will they work extra hours to service a client, assist a colleague or meet that deadline? What were their performance and interpersonal skills like? Are they rehireable?
Exceptional past performance predicts exceptional future performances.

Score  ____ /10


Total Score  ____ /100