New Employment Standards Information

In 2018, the Employment Standards Act 2000 was revised. Employment Standards have provided an Information Sheet for Assignment Employees of a Temporary Help Agency, outlining these changes. We provide this sheet to all our temporary employees. We've provided a link HERE to the document for your further reference.

Timesheets for Temporary Employees

PROFILE pays its temporary employees weekly, at the end of the following week. In order to get paid, the employee must submit an authorized timesheet within the deadline outlined below. A fillable PDF template of your Temporary Employee Timesheet is available HERE. Please complete to submit your hours. Windows users may right-click on the link to save the Timesheet on their systems. Please send your approved timesheet to

Fill in both your name and the client company name where you are working. If you work for more than one client in one week, please complete a separate timesheet for each. Enter the hours worked daily, including the time you started and finished your lunch. The work week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday of each week. Hours are calculated in 15 minute increments so round your hours up or down to the nearest quarter of an hour. Your lunch break will be deducted automatically from your totals. Sign the timesheet yourself, and send to your supervisor, or someone with signing authority, for authorization of your hours. The timesheet is set up for a digitally encrypted signature.

Overtime must be approved in advance. Enter your hours, even if in excess of your regular work hours, in the regular column. The weekly overtime hours will be automatically calculated over 44 hours, and are subject to client approval. For days you do not work, such as illness or Public Holidays, leave your total as 0 hours. We will calculate the appropriate statutory holiday pay, where eligible. Your supervisor can also send us the completed timesheet and and approve it in the e-mail, if preferred. Your timesheet can also be printed, scanned (or photographed) and e-mailed.

The deadline for receipt in our offices is noon on the Monday after the week worked. In the case of a long holiday weekend, submit your timesheets as soon as possible after the end of the work week; ideally at the close of business on Friday, but at the latest by 10:00 am on the first business day of the following week, or in the case where the holiday falls on a Friday, by 5:00 pm on the Thursday. Timesheets not received by our deadline will be processed the following week.

New employees should send a photocopy of a void cheque with their timesheet, or provide a PAD form from the bank, listing bank code, transit and account numbers for the setup of direct deposit. If you bank with a Schedule I bank, payment is guaranteed in your account by Friday. Funds will be directly deposited into your bank account.